Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Shining Gold

Yeaaahhhh!!! we finally did it...
Of course it was an emotional moment when our beloved football team were crown as the gold medalist for 25th SEA Games in Vientiane. Maaann.. that was something..huh. I grew up knowing our amateur football team with more losing records than the victories, but tonight, history has been made...and I was watching the making of IT...great3x... Winning a gold medal is a real deal, indeed. After 20 years of waiting & hoping, then the history repeated just like we did it in 1989. Heck it feels awesome!!! Good job guys!!! Well done!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Last Night Report

The way Kelantan played last was uncharacteristic with poor defenders letting easy-to-strike NS forward blast few good shots to Halim Napi. The first 20 minutes was boring while both teams were trying to find their rhymes and luckily NS found theirs after the 1st goal yet Kelantan was still daydreaming while the heavy rain kept dropping from the cloudy sky. Nothing special shown by the Red Warrior to win the Cup; it was very plain game, effortless, dull set pieces, poor defense, weak attacking, lack of possession, bad passes. Dissapointed? Heck yes but still...I'm sticking to my words, the team has done the best they could this season and I would like to congratulate them for achieving this far. The fan...nothing much to say...they never changed. 70% out of the crowd brought nothing but the chaos, and unethical behavior portray the negative stereotype of Kelantanese. Bad night I suppose. Hope, yeah...there is always hope that we could change for good. 

As expected, Arsenal has cruised up the league and moved to the second spot. We'll be number one...soon. Very soon. 

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sounds Good to Me

Well, I'm pretty excited this weekend since Kelantan has gone through the Final. I wish I could be right there in the stadium cheering for my beloved team to win their first ever Malaysia Cup. Whatever happens, the team has to be credited for the achievement thus far. I know that it was such a difficult task to be carried by a coach to lead Kelantan this far and I'm sure a whole lot of effort has been shown by the players. Good job everybody. May the victory be ours.

Not to forget, Arsenal is climbing up the league to reach the top spot. The team has matured, the players have gained confidence with a bunch of them just recovered from injuries, and Arsene Wenger has put his belief in the team he built few years back then. It's gonna be very hard and it is always hard indeed to be the King of the league. But seems like Liverpool is a drop out candidate this season and that narrow down the competition by a little bit. We'll see. This is interesting.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


This post has nothing to do with sports.

I just tuned to TV3 and Majalah 3 was on air. Tonight episode is primarily on the earthquake that devastated the people living in Sumatera Barat. The people there are still under the state of depression. A lot of buildings were collapsed, villages were destroyed, the roads were cracked and cut, people were missing and later found dead. It was a miserable moment for them seeing their own family members found hit under the debris of massive buildings. Sad to say, even sadder to watch them crying for what they’ve lost, yet only them who carrying the burden know the exact feeling of losing whatever used to be theirs. May Allah help those who are in need.  Ameen.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yes...after several heartbroken results few weeks ago, I was not in the mood to write. But tonight, six goals by beloved Arsenal players are enough to cheer up my frustration. It wasn't a great2 game but credits go to the team. They manage to sustain their composure and stay focus to the game after being struck with the first goal by the Rovers. Every time Blackburn score, Arsenal will answer quickly without wasting a whole lot of time. Congrats to Arsene Wenger and players but they must keep up this kind of performance for the next 5 or 6 games straight to make sure their hand on the title this season. Cayalaa...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend Whoops!

Here it comes, I've been waiting for this game for few years and this weekend, Sunday @ 8 am (local time) to be exact, live on Astro. With the hype of Terrelle Pryor, the sophomore quaterback will need to lead the Buckeyes to teach the Trojans a lesson right inside the Horseshoe. Personally I think USC is a little bit overrated this season. I know PAC-10 has great records over Big-10 but hey, this is football PAC-10 teams ain't gonna win every match-up with Big-10 teams. Plus, it's way down in Columbus town where everything seems to be alienated to the Trojans. Statistically, USC has the advantage but what exactly do they got...hmm, a rookie quarterback perhaps? So I hope it's gonna be our time to pay the revenge back to their face - GO BUCKEYES!!! Let's cherish the O-H-I-O spirit. 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flushing Meadows 2

Like I said, many players have improved. Just look what has happened up to date. As for men, it was a shocking defeat for Roddick, I mean he's no.5 and losing in the third round to the unranked player...very2 uncharacteristic of him. More upsets on women side though, earlier Ana was the first victim to be ousted, followed by Jankovic on the second round and no.1 seeded Safina and Sharapova were kicked out of the tournament in the third round. A lot of newcomers have shown that they could do some damages here in Flushing Meadows. But the GoAT is still keeping his winning streak at this very own tournament while catching up to his 6th consecutive title. We'll be watching history my friends. And I'm lovin' it.